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Core Skills for PGs


Day One (Back to Top)


  • To the course staff and to the programme.

What is Research?

  • The defining characteristics of academic research.

Activity: Your Motivation

  • Why are you studying for a Doctorate?

Doctoral Level Research

  • Objectives, milestones and first steps.

Making Plans and Sticking to Them

  • Planning, Long-term, Medium-term, Task Plans and Action Plans/To-do Lists.

Activity: Personal Planning

Finding and Reviewing Other Research Evidence

  • Searching and reviewing the literature.

Activity: Mapping and Highlighting

Understanding Other Research Evidence 

  • Enaging with the literature.

Activity: Paper Review

Expanding On and Analysing Other Research Evidence

  • Expanding your review and critical assessment.

Activity: Critical Questions

Group Activity: Working with your Supervisor

Communicating Expectations

Activity: Action with your Supervisor

Practical Tips of Working with your Supervisor

  • Expanding your review and critical assessment

Day Three (Back to Top)


What to Write

  • Conveying information and evidence.
  • Critical analysis and reflection.
  • Structured argument and drawing conclusions.
  • Future work.
  • Research reporting: main body, overviews functional elements.

Group Activity: Making Writing Easier

How to Approach Writing

  • The writing process.
  • General writing tips.
  • Writing considerations.
  • Where to start.
  • Things to remember.

Workshop 1: Reviewing Your Writing

  • The importance of structure.
  • Example of structured writing.
  • Reviewing your own examples.
  • The importance of readability.
  • The Fog-Index.
  • Reviewing your own examples.

Workshop 2: Networking at Conferences

  • Approaching delegates, making yourself approachable.
  • Networking sessions posters, coffee, dinner, mixing sessions.
  • Presenting your research and yourself well.
  • Asking questions.

Workshop 3: Getting Into Conferences

  • Choosing your conference pros and cons.
  • Selecting what to present the key point, paper in one sentence, one-minute description.
  • Managing expectations.
  • Preparing and submitting your abstract.

Group Activity: Poster Design & Preparation

Group Activity: Poster Presentation

Day Two (Back to Top)


Workshop 1: Using Your Voice Effectively

  • Your first impression by how you sound.
  • Using your voice.
  • Use of language
  • Pacing the delivery of your presentation.

Workshop 2: Physical Presence

  • Your first impression by how you look.
  • Overcoming nerves relaxation, self-belief, confidence.
  • Building and maintaining a rapport with the audience.
  • Audience contact.
  • Using gestures and being aware of your body language.

Workshop 3: Structure

  • Your first impression by what you say.
  • The basic structure of a presentation.
  • The introduction, the conclusion and the message, tips and techniques.
  • Planning: aim and objective.
  • Consider the audience.
  • The content.
  • Building blocks structure.
  • Linking your presentation together.

Activity: Presentation Practice 1

Workshop 4: Poster Presentations

  • Poster design.
  • Poster impact
  • Review of example posters.
  • Preparing your walk-through

Activity: Video Feedback Session

Activity: Presentation Practice 2

Workshop 5: Presenting with Visual Aids

  • When and why?
  • The technology of presenting with visual aids
  • Designing and using text slides.
  • Designing and using graphics slides.
  • PowerPoint animations.

Day Four (Back to Top)


Workshop 1: Group Behaviours

  • Postive and negative group behaviours.

Workshop 2: Assertiveness Skills

  • A structured process for being assertive.
  • Six stages in being assertive.
  • Language practice.

Workshop 3: Negotiation Skills

  • Principles of effective negotiation; what is negotiation? The outcomes of a negotiation, preparation.

Activity: Presentation Practice 3

Group Activity: Negotiation Practice

Course Round-up



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