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At Evolve Leadteam we believe by using the right skills at the right time, we can produce a  more satisfying and productive working life. In collaboration with our clients we use our knowledge and experience of many leadership tools and models to design a programme which is inspiring, useful and sustainable. We also aim to make it fun.

We produce a plan within a framework based upon our two favoured leadership models, that of John Adair and Nancy Kline. The resulting training is thought provoking, practical and fun.

David Faraday and Shirley Wardell are the Directors of Evolve Leadteam.

Shirley Wardell founded Evolve Leadteam in 1995 and now runs the company with David Faraday.  Shirley and David are supported by an experienced team of associates, with whom they have developed strong working partnerships over a number of years.

We have a team of independent Associates that we know well. They each have a unique perspective they bring to our organisation and yours, however there are certain things we expect from all of them.

We expect our Associates to be able to:

  • Present in a clear, concise and stimulating way.
  • Engage participants in open discussion.
  • Facilitate feedback and debriefing.
  • Organise and run exercises based on practical tasks and case studies.
  • Observe, record and provide feedback.
  • Demonstrate the principles and theories they are putting forward.
  • Be well prepared for the challenges they are likely to face.
  • Demonstrate trust in delegates ability to learn and develop.
  • Listen, respectfully and openly.
  • Be aware of their choices and their impact on others.
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