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Shirley Wardell LTCL MA


Experience & Background

Shirley worked in Theatre in Education, Sales and Recruitment before setting up Evolve in 1995.

 Shirley uses Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, which focuses on creating the conditions in which people think best. The Thinking Partnership process has a refined tool for identifying and removing limiting assumptions. The Thinking Environment is Shirley’s touchstone for Leadership Development.

 Shirley has worked with John Adair and has developed knowledge of how to train Action Centred Leadership at Team and Operational levels.

Shirley is a Coach and Coach Supervisor. Shirley graduated in 2011 with a Masters in Coaching Supervision.

Shirley works extensively in Higher Education as an Associate for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. Shirley delivers the Research Team Leader Programme, the Future Leaders Programme, The Thinking Environment Masterclass and Difficult Conversations.

Shirley has been a regular contributor to the OPCW Associate Programme since 2002.

Shirley started coaching young entrepreneurs for The New Entrepreneurs Foundation in November 2013.

An Interview with Shirley:

What are your specialist areas?

The Thinking Environment, Action Centred Leadership Development, Coaching, Coach Supervision and Sales.

What words would you use to describe you professionally?

People have said the following words about me: fun, perceptive, empathetic, courageous, creative, fast, unorthodox, practical, and widely relevant.

What are your professional goals?

To influence the culture of leaders, globally.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Becoming a skilled Thinking Environment consultant.

What is your favourite professional book, publication or article and why?

I appreciate ‘Time to Think’ by Nancy Kline, because Nancy articulates a way to get the best out of people in their work and lives. Where I have implemented and trained the Thinking Environment, the results have consistently exceeded expectations.

Your most treasured feedback comment:

“Every time Shirley spoke she raised the conversation to a higher level, she was deeply insightful and FUN!” Nick Oatley

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