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You can keep them!

If you:

      Choose well

      Have a plan

      Get support

      Keep thinking about them

      Accept lapses will happen

IPeople succeed with their resolutions and goals in specific conditions; those conditions are going to be created, once every 6 weeks starting in February in Godalming, for FREE.

Why? Because it is one of Shirley Wardell’s resolutions for 2014.

  • You’ll learn to coach each other
  • You’ll be able to share your successes
  • You’ll find out what really helps

At The Star Pub, 17 Church Street, Godalming

Every six weeks at 6:30 starting on Monday the 3rd of February 2014 and then: 17th March, 28th April, 9th June, 21st July, 1st September, 13th October and 24th November. Contact Shirley Wardell at Shirley@evolve-leadteam.co.uk or on 07771 757163 for details.


Come with a resolution or two that you would be happy to talk about book your place.






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