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Profile Interpretation

Seminars from Start 2010

As John Adairís Action Centred Leadership model is one of the most intuitive and accessible leadership frameworks in contemporary use, we believe that our Leadership Profiles and Reports are easy to interpret and do not require an in-depth knowledge of ACL for them to be useful. However, we also recognise that leadership trainers, coaches and other personal development specialists (with or without prior experience of ACL) would benefit from a more in depth understanding of the profiles, how they are generated and how to interpret then in support of individual subjects. Consequently, ...

We offer One-day Seminars for leadership trainers and coaches in Profile Interpretation. These seminars cover:

  • The principles of ACL and Functional Leadership
  • How individual profiles are generated
  • The characteristics of different leadership types
  • How to provide support for individual subjects

Seminar Programme (Winter 2010)

Friday 7th January, Friday 11th February

  • All seminars will be held in Godalming, Surrey.
  • All seminars commence at 10.00 am and will finish no later than 4.00pm.
  • Seminars will only run if we have a minimum booking of 6 delegates.
  • Cost: £110 (ex VAT) per delegate inclusive of lunch, tea and coffee and a Complete Leadership Profile.

Contact us directly or Click here to Book a Place (link available soon)

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