ELT Name16
Research Team Leaders


Day One


  • To the course staff, fellow delegates and to the programme.

Listening Skills

  • Plenary on listening, review of common listening habits,
  • listening exercise:” What is Leadership?”

Teams and Team Working

  • Team membership, team building and team characteristics.

Team Activity: Team Characteristics

Team Roles and Team Dynamics

  • Self-assessment of team roles and key aspects of team dynamics

Approaches to Leadership

  • The qualities approach, the situational approach,
  • the functional approach, other leadership approaches.

Leadership Exercise: Delay

Needs and Responsibilities

  • Introduction to areas of need, the three circles and leadership responsibility.

Leadership Profiles

Leadership Functions

  • The generic functions of a leader and the principle of helicoptering.

What should Research Team Leaders do? 

  • Personal reflections on leadership functions in a research group context.

Leadership Exercise: Letterpoint



Day Two


Input: Running Effective Meetings

  • Listening, go-arounds, questions as agenda Items, using thinking pairs, SMART actions.

Group Meeting: Conflicting Demands of Research, Teaching & Administration

  • Parallel meetings, chaired by delegates, follow specific structure outlined above. “What are the potential conflicts?”; “How might these conflicts be resolved?”

Research Team Leadership Case Study

  • Consultation Phase
  • Reporting Phase
  • Debrief

Leadership Exercise: Screws and Nails

Personal Vision and Action Planning Meeting 

  • Reflect on pre-work, think about a possible personal vision.

Individual Consultations

  • Each delegate has the opportunity to spend ~10 minutes one-on-one with a member of the training team to discuss their leadership profile or another specific leadership issue.


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