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Thinking Environment


The first two days are aimed at participants experiencing and practicing the Thinking Partnership. People have described the Thinking Partnership as ‘life changing.’ The six part Thinking Partnership process is a reliable way for people to access and clarify their thoughts and feelings; their goals, wishes and plans.

During these two days participants will learn the impact of limiting assumptions; they will learn how to identify a limiting assumption and how to replace it with something liberating that enables them to make progress in the direction of their choice. Participants will relate this experience to removing blocks for individuals, teams, families and organisations.

Day three is aimed at; working together, achieving win/win with partners, clients and teams. We will also look at an effective ways to run meetings and handle disagreements. Participants will reflect on how  they have applied the Thinking Partnership and share views of how they might use it in their work and life.


Day One (Back to Top)


Overview of the Course

Discussions of Participants’ Goals

Introduction to the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment, emphasising:

  • Equality as Thinkers
  • Listening
  • The Ten to One Ratio of Appreciation to Criticism
  • Incisive Questions

Instruction in the Practice of Thinking Partnerships

  • Discussion of the Three Levels of Limiting Assumptions
  • Demonstrations of Incisive Questions -- In-depth Work With Each Participant

Day Two (Back to Top)

Coached Demonstrations of Incisive Questions

  • Continuing In-depth Work

Practice Thinking Partnerships

Plans for Setting up Regular Thinking Partnerships with Each Other

Book day Three and agree timings

Day Three (Back to Top)

Review of the Application of Thinking Partnerships

Demonstration of Incisive Questions

Exploration of Conditioning and Culture

  • Their Effect as a Thinking Inhibitor

Application of Thinking Environment Practise to Organisational Management, Coaching, Training and Families

  • The Meeting as a Thinking Environment
  • Teamwork
  • Business Models Supported by the Thinking Environment
  • Appraisals and Feedback
  • Training and Development
  • Changing Assumptions in Business Settings
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